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July 25, 2009

Capturing the bond through ‘Tweeting’

Ring Around The Rose

Since joining Twitter a few months back, I have had the opportunity and privilege to meet some wonderful people.  Some whether they are in the art industry, wine industry.. or no particular industry at all and are simply taking advantage of the joys of meeting many interesting people out there.  After all, we’ve become a world where we don’t say ‘hi’ to strangers as we pass them on the street, but don’t you find that when the odd person does say ‘hi’ to you, he or she has made your day?  With saying that, social networking has become a great way to bring out that kindness in everyone, as well as a new way to help promote others, assist others and inspire others.

One particular person I have enjoyed ’Tweeting’ with is Amy Corron Power, a wine enthusiast and wine blogger who took an interest in my art and wound up purchasing one of my art pieces, Ring Around The Rose.  She wound up blogging about my art in a blog post entitled “Wine For Your Walls” and I was so thrilled with the way she shared what this art piece meant to her: “… (Ring Around The Rose) reminded me of my first face-to-face meeting with the bloggers I’d gotten to know through twitter. Not only did they share my love of wine, but we felt as if we already knew each other, even though we’d somehow missed one another as last year’s conference.  Ring Around The Rose captures that bond.” 

It is always so great to read about how my art has meant to them, or even how it has affected their lives.  If you own one of my art pieces and have a story to share as to why you chose it and what it means to you, please do email me I would love to hear about it! 

You can read about Amy and read the rest of her blog post here.

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