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April 9, 2009


blog-ladymerlot1I get asked frequently — “…. how did you come up with the WOMEN IN WINE ™ series?…” Overall, 90% of my paintings aren’t planned and are mostly created as I paint. Many times while preparing my palette in front of a blank canvas, I have no idea in mind of what I will paint… which makes my role as an artist very fulfilling. Many who know my works know that my popular collections consist of the wine subject, especially the WOMEN IN WINE ™ series, as it was since then that my art had become quite the gig. The concept of blending the female figurative with the flow of wine was also never an idea that came to mind before I painted my first piece from the series. In the midst of ‘flowing the deep red wine’ with my knife into the glass (I am more of a knife painter than a brush painter), I stopped and noticed within a group of strokes in the reds what appeared to be the shoulders and breasts of a female. She looked like she was in mid-dance pose. I was struck and the idea exploded from there. I took a moment to pause and just stare at this cluster. It was as though she was telling me something, as though she wanted me to release her out of her shell and open up an exciting world that expresses a tantalizing kind of liberation. And when I did release her, it felt good, allowing her to lead the way with my knife…. and the next thing I knew, Lady Merlot was born.

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  1. Leanne,
    I LOVE the Women in Wine Series. They are absolutely wonderful.

    Comment by Cindy Rainwater — December 28, 2009 @ 12:46 pm

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