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April 12, 2010


Before I had my babies, besides painting I would also get on my karaoke microphone in my living room (yes, you heard me — karaoke!  I’m Filipino, what do you expect?  LOL!  anyway…) and not just sing, but BELT my heart out with the volume turned way up and noone in the house but me!  Well I had a very busy day today and right about now, I would REALLY love to do this… except my babies are finally sleeping after a day of poor napping.  Oh well.  Maybe I should sound-proof my art studio and make it my art/sound studio. .. hmmmm…

Voluptuous Soul

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March 9, 2010


It’s been a week since I’ve posted. I really want to try to post regularly. Being a full-time work-at-home parent of two little kidlings under 3 truly has its rewards, but it sure comes with the case of the crazies around here… and the little one isn’t even mobile yet. Just when I thought my 3.5 month old has become a champion sleeper thru the night for a week before I had planned to finally get in front of the canvas to paint “for me”, he’s decided to spurt, teethe and have me paint rash cream on his bum instead. Needless to say, I’m back to night-waking again; how is it that I have quickly forgotten that these blissful stages don’t last? Oh right, it’s because I’m just tired.

HELLO, INSOMNIA Hello, Insomnia

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March 1, 2010

ALWAYS A FAN FOR THE KIDS – Orlando Magic Youth Foundation

OMYF_2010_GalaI have many clients and customers whom I connect with from Florida regularly, including the Orlando area, and I am happy to share that my art was noticed by the Orlando Magic Youth Foundation.   The Orlando Magic Youth Foundation (OMYF) focuses on helping children in Central Florida realize their full potential, especially those most at risk, by supporting programs and partnerships that empower families and change lives.  Since inception, nearly $15 million has been granted to local nonprofit organizations.

The 2010 Orlando Magic Black Tie and Tennies Charity Gala will be held on March 20, 2010, at the JW Marriott-Orlando Grande Lakes.  Last year’s Gala sold out and netted more than $325,000.  The  McCormick Foundation matches net proceeds at 50 cents on the dollar, increasing the impact of the event proceeds.

I will be specially dedicating limited editions for their auction in hopes to help raise funds, and to be a part of this wonderful event that helps Central Florida’s youth realize their dreams.   If you’re in the Orlando area, please do consider going to this very popular event.  You will not only get to meet the Orlando Magic celebrities but also help transform a family’s life.   Click photo for more info.

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February 10, 2010


For a Special Occasion (Facebook'd)

Ok, I admit it, I got sucked into the addiction, the temptation, the social network drug that is thy Facebook. I am an addict. My name is Leanne, and I have a Facebook problem.

I enjoy conversing with my family and friends,  past colleagues, schoolmates, and acquaintances, see status updates and post pics and all that social networking jazz. Oh sure there are downsides to everything, you take the good with the bad. I mean, you spend a good amount of time narrowing down pics you do not mind people seeing and then upload those to your page, then that hard work goes to bust when someone on your friends list tags you in a pic that you swear is the worst pic of you that anyone or anything could have dug up. Oh and sure, your friend could be standing right in front of you and say, “I went to bed at 9pm last night” and you might say, “ya same here I was tired”…end of conversation. But if one of your friends posts that as a status update, well, you would think this was huge news looking at the comments: “Early to bed, early to rise!”, “You night owl!”, “You sure that wasn’t 9am party animal woohoo!” and then someone else comes in with a comment that rivals that of a great novel. But thats Facebook, and that’s what is so insanely brilliant about it. We look for status updates, we look for pics, we want to know everything about each other….we just don’t want anyone to know we are on Facebook all day. “Oh ya, I just log on for 5 minutes to see if there’s anything new” – yeah right.

But wait, could there actually be a business component to Facebook? It took me awhile to adapt to becoming a Twittering blogging artist, but here is a social network I was actually well versed in. So this past month I dove into the warm waters of Facebook and began my Facebook page (I know, it is actually called a Facebook Fan page, but “fan” has always been a bit weird to say about myself or my art, so lets just simply call it my Facebook page for short.) It has been great, getting to converse with clients, friends, and even tweeters from my Twitterverse and extend a relationship that brings myself as an artist closer to people who are enjoying my art. I am thankful this opportunity exists, because when I began my venture seven years ago, this was much more difficult to do. So now, part of me feels like its ok to be a Facebook addict, its ok to be drawn into the world where the brush and canvas are housed away one afternoon and in its place are simply fingers and a laptop. I enjoy it, I enjoy the people who join my page each day, and in turn, I enjoy learning about their Facebook pages. Its great, its wonderful, its invigorating. My name is Leanne, and I have a Facebook problem, and I am happy about it. So now this Twittering, blogging, Facebooking artist must get back to the studio, but please do join me on Facebook and say hello, I will be very happy you did!

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January 24, 2010


IN THE ART NEWS: Pablo Picasso (1881-1915)… “The Actor” displayed at the Met Museum of Art in NY was accidentally damaged by a museum visitor. Apparently the visitor lost her balance and collided into it. The damage was a 6 inch long tear! That must’ve been some collision. Picasso’s works have been known to have individually sold for over $100 million. I’d hate to be that visitor…. yikes.

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January 18, 2010


myheadshot-small-2  Happy New Year!

First of all, per the request of many of you, I now FINALLY have my Facebook Fan Page up!   So please become a fan and tell one and all!

Wow, 2010….I remember like it was yesterday ringing in the year 2000 with my new boyfriend, during Christmas vacation from my 9-5 Human Resources job.  Fast forward 10 years and I am a work at home mom, with two children (one now just 7 weeks old!) and that boyfriend, well that boyfriend is now my husband of eight years.  It’s amazing how when you look back at a decade of your life you realize what you already know – time flies and a lot happens.  It’s just as the years go by one doesn’t tend to notice that the little things are not little things at all, they are just a group of smaller events that become a huge part of a who you are and what you do.  Wow, that sounds way to profound for my blog :)

Is it just me or does 2010 sounds way to futuristic?  It sounds like a time where cars fly, we vacation to beautiful underwater destinations (since we can all now breathe underwater) and we just have to think about what we want to eat or drink and instantaneously you have been fed and hydrated like royalty.  But alas, I still drive on the road paying crazy gas prices, we travel to locations on land, and the only underwater adventures I most likely will have this year are to the beach and the public pools. But one day, maybe not in my lifetime, one day, all of the above will come true I am sure, I just won’t be around to write about it in my blog (which no doubt blogs will be a thing of the past too.)

I Love the start of a brand new year, and as most do I have new personal goals, new business goals, plans and ideas to go along with new dreams and hopes that only a new year can bring.   I thank you for visiting my website, reading my blog and following my art and I will strive to continue to grow as a person, a business woman and an artist.  I wish you all the best in 2010, and that you all have a very healthy and happy one…Cheers!

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July 25, 2009

Capturing the bond through ‘Tweeting’

Ring Around The Rose

Since joining Twitter a few months back, I have had the opportunity and privilege to meet some wonderful people.  Some whether they are in the art industry, wine industry.. or no particular industry at all and are simply taking advantage of the joys of meeting many interesting people out there.  After all, we’ve become a world where we don’t say ‘hi’ to strangers as we pass them on the street, but don’t you find that when the odd person does say ‘hi’ to you, he or she has made your day?  With saying that, social networking has become a great way to bring out that kindness in everyone, as well as a new way to help promote others, assist others and inspire others.

One particular person I have enjoyed ’Tweeting’ with is Amy Corron Power, a wine enthusiast and wine blogger who took an interest in my art and wound up purchasing one of my art pieces, Ring Around The Rose.  She wound up blogging about my art in a blog post entitled “Wine For Your Walls” and I was so thrilled with the way she shared what this art piece meant to her: “… (Ring Around The Rose) reminded me of my first face-to-face meeting with the bloggers I’d gotten to know through twitter. Not only did they share my love of wine, but we felt as if we already knew each other, even though we’d somehow missed one another as last year’s conference.  Ring Around The Rose captures that bond.” 

It is always so great to read about how my art has meant to them, or even how it has affected their lives.  If you own one of my art pieces and have a story to share as to why you chose it and what it means to you, please do email me I would love to hear about it! 

You can read about Amy and read the rest of her blog post here.

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June 24, 2009

Sell Your Art with Heart

painting-Temptress-TempranilloThis post can really be for anyone’s interest, not just for the “Artpreneur”.  I write this specifically for the artists who email me looking for some inspiration.  Hope this will boost your artrepreneurial spirit!

Since childhood, I’ve always had a love for art, from crayons to crafts, then growing into the love of portrait sketching with the use of pencils, charcoal and graphite, and then later emerged into painting on canvas utilizing acrylics and oils. Art has been my passion for as long as I can remember. Doing art (as a hobby) is one thing. But I remember being asked as a child “what do you want to be when you grow up?” and I wanted to say “I want to become an artist!” Instead, I answered “I want to become a doctor!” even though I knew I didn’t. Like most people (and I know much of it was from my parents’ desire for me to have a career in the medical field), I was raised to believe that an “Artist” was not considered to be a practical career that would make you enough money to support yourself. Doing art wasn’t usually more than just a hobby. This was very much not uncommon when I was growing up and even some cultures/communities still believe this today. Well who says you have to be a “starving artist”? Thanks to the internet, the good news is that being a self-representing Artist CAN pay you enough sales to support yourself AND your family!

I get emailed questions by people all the time (most of whom are new business clients, artists, buyers, interior designers) — how do you start an art business, where do you go to market, how much did it cost, how are you scanning your images, etc. Really, you can find the answers to these questions online as the web is the greatest source of information. However, you can search and search until you burn your eyes out because like any career that involves being your own boss, it requires getting in touch with a much deeper source that you cannot find anywhere online; a combination of what I call “The Four P Recipe” — Plan, Persevere, Positivity and Passion.

The latter is the most important factor of all — Passion. My theory, “don’t start with your art if you don’t have the heart.” Most businesses, whether art-related or not, fail within the first year. Why? Because true passion wasn’t really there to begin with. You cannot be a good planner for your business without perseverence, and you cannot persevere (to sustain the business, especially when times are tough) without having a positive mind. But overall, it is much easier to be positive about something, if you have a passion for it (for your product/service).

As we are talking about art and business, you can say you have a passion for creating art, but have you found your niche in the art that you create? Are you true to your genre, to your technique and your creativity? An Artpreneur is more likely to be successful if the art you create is not what you think your audience will enjoy, but what you enjoy. This is what makes for a true Artist. Otherwise, it will only feel like a job.

You hear people say that “Artists are gifted because of their talent.” But I believe there’s more to it. If you find your niche, be true to your creativity (true to yourself), and create a strong portfolio, not only will you do well independently, you will learn a lot about yourself more than you’ve ever had before and be able to get in touch with your Being. Once you’ve found your Being, you will find a much deeper happiness. This is where Artists are gifted — because nothing can take that happiness away from you.

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June 10, 2009

Summer Love is in the Air!

weddingpic-blogThis is me on my wedding day back in 2002, and I have been a very happy wife and mother ever since.   Summer is here, and summer typically seems to be the months of weddings, some of which I am honoured to be attending. I love weddings. I love everything about weddings. The dresses, the ceremony, the speeches (though some get tediously long and there are so many inside jokes :) , and of course the overall joy the day brings to everyone involved. I have been a bride, a bridesmaid, an emcee, a guest, and even a date. All carry a different experience, but the one thing that remains a constant is the love two people share with their friends and family.

One thing that I enjoy painting is the love between two people, whether it be in love which each other, or the love of something that two people share. Whether it be JUST BECAUSE, where newlyweds come together as one or WELCOME HOME DEAR, where our beautiful woman awaits her man, or  even HERE’S TO USwhere a couple enjoys simple silence together, each piece shows my love and passion for true love itself.  But I also believe in the love two people share for something in particular, and there is nothing more beautiful than dance in my opinion. Whether it be SHARING SHIRAZ, ONE WILD WALTZ, SATURDAY NIGHT SALSA or THE LANGUAGE OF LOVE, the love may or may not be between our characters, but rather for the love and passion they share for dance.

Perhaps you have a story to share, about your wedding, about the love of your life, or the passion you have for something in particular.  Or perhaps you know someone who is getting married, has a love of their life, in which you may find some of these as unique wedding gifts and others in my collection may make the perfect, timeless gift of romance.  Its summer, and love is in the air!

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May 29, 2009

Yes, you CAN splendour in Fine Art, ESPECIALLY in this economy!

Rough ride in markets? Try fine art, experts suggest  – Monday, October 27, 2008  CBC News

As many people anxiously eye the daily rise and fall of stock markets around the world, some experts are advising they look into alternative investments like fine art.

The art market has a life of its own, and “prices have gone up tremendously in the past five years,” Montreal curator Paul Maréchal told CBC News.

Not only are high-profile works by masters such as Pablo Picasso or Claude Monet fetching record prices, the markets for contemporary art and for emerging artists are also seeing a boom.

In an economic downturn, savvy investors can find deals by snapping up affordable paintings, prints and drawings for sale later, Maréchal said.

“There will be less competition in the sales rooms and at galleries and so on, and so forth. If you are fortunate to have some money, it’s a blessed time to buy art, definitely,” he said.

Outside of art, other investment alternatives include real estate and wine futures. However, caution must still be taken with these markets, said Jeremy Tabarrok, an investment executive with ScotiaMcLeod.

“Just as with the stock market, wise investing through art [means] leaning on experts in the galleries, experts in the field. You can actually bring a profit with it as well.”



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