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April 22, 2010

It’s Not Easy Being Green

Featuring “Seasoned Earth” in celebration of our 40th year of Earth Day!   My family and I try to live green but I admit it’s never perfect.  We try to stay on top of typical things like  recycle as much of our trash as possible… sell or giveaway reusable items like books, toys, clothing, containers… substitute ‘disposables’ for ‘reusables’ like linens instead of paper napkins, canvas shopping bags instead of plastic, old rags for cleaning instead of paper towels… conserve our hot water and energy wherever possible.. we also do drive only one vehicle and use cloth on our little 5 month old’s tush.  Yet there is SOO much more we can do and like I said, it’s not easy being green.  Here’s one that I admit we are terrible with…. our coffee house latte consumption.  We love coffee.  After all, working from home with two little ones under 3yrs old is only asking for caffeine.  It’s the first thing we say to eachother when the baby cries awake in the morning.  It’s not “good morning, sweetheart”… it’s “did you remember to set the coffee machine last night?”  We brew our own at home but we really enjoy the leisure of visiting our local coffee houses for my simple favourite – low fat no whip mocha latte.   This of course means, more paper coffee cups.   Did you know that North Americans consume 58 billion coffee cups per year, most of which end up in landfills?  Not millions.. billions!  So my commitment for Earth Day and going forward is to try very hard to remember to bring my own travel coffee mug!  I have so many beautiful mugs sitting in my cupboard, it’s ridiculous.  So what did you do in honor of our beautiful planet?

Seasoned Earth My 2yr old hugging a tree

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April 12, 2010


Before I had my babies, besides painting I would also get on my karaoke microphone in my living room (yes, you heard me — karaoke!  I’m Filipino, what do you expect?  LOL!  anyway…) and not just sing, but BELT my heart out with the volume turned way up and noone in the house but me!  Well I had a very busy day today and right about now, I would REALLY love to do this… except my babies are finally sleeping after a day of poor napping.  Oh well.  Maybe I should sound-proof my art studio and make it my art/sound studio. .. hmmmm…

Voluptuous Soul

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