Tastings is the exclusive U.S. Art Gallery for International Artist Leanne Laine. The latest Leanne Laine Art Gallery is located in the luxurious Conrad Indianapolis Hotel in downtown Indianapolis. You can also find a Leanne Laine Art Gallery within Tastings in Mystic Connecticut, Orlando Florida, and Grapevine Texas.

Tastings is about creating a wonderful and unique "Wine Experience" for customers, which is why it is the perfect venue to hold Leanne's gallery. The passion, fun, and energy that is a signature trait of every piece in Leanne's ever growing collection, seems to pour off the walls and into the venue where friends, neighbors, and wine enthusiasts come to toast each other. Sample fine wines and enjoy the food, all the while surrounded by the limited edition works of Leanne.

Each location of Tastings and the Leanne Laine Art Gallery displays various works, many display different works at each location. Her unique style continues to receive rave reviews by collectors and wine enthusiasts alike. Whether you are viewing her works for the sheer joy or adding art for your collection, purchasing and ordering from our gallery has never been easier. The friendly staff at Tastings are among the best, and always available to assist you. Wherever there is a Tastings, there is a Leanne Laine Art Gallery waiting for you with open doors.